Safer Internet

We help make the Internet safer for everyone.

We have a long history of developing security technology that benefits not just our own users, but the online world as a whole. When we create technology to keep our services safer, we find opportunities to share it for everyone’s benefit. And as threats change over time, our adaptive, forward-looking measures pave the way for other companies to follow.

Safe Browsing protects more than just Chrome users

We originally built our Safe Browsing technology to protect Chrome users from malware and phishing attempts by alerting them when they try to visit dangerous websites. To make the Internet safer for everyone, we made this technology free for other companies to use in their browsers, including Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Today, half the world’s online population is protected by Safe Browsing.

We also alert website owners when their sites have security flaws and offer free tools to help them quickly fix the problems. By continuing to share new security technology as we develop it, we help build an Internet that is safer for everyone.

We use HTTPS to keep you safer while you browse the Internet

Connecting to our services through HTTPS encryption protects you from prying eyes and malicious hackers to make sure you get only to what and where you want. To motivate websites to adopt this added security, we have made HTTPS encryption one of the signals that the Google Search algorithm uses when ranking websites in our search results.

We create security rewards to uncover vulnerabilities

At Google we create security rewards programs that pay independent researchers to find vulnerabilities in our services and create security fixes. Every year we award millions of dollars in research grants and bug bounties. We currently use security reward programs for many Google products, like Chrome and Android.

We make our security tools available to developers

We share our security technology when we believe it can provide value for others. For example, we make our Google Cloud Security Scanner freely available to developers so they can scan and analyze their web applications in App Engine for security vulnerabilities.

We share data about our practices to foster a safer Internet

Since 2010 Google has published the Transparency Report, which features statistics on things like copyright removals, government requests for user data, and security initiatives like Safe Browsing. We also share data on the industry’s adoption of encryption for websites and email. We do this not only to share our progress with our users, but to encourage others to adopt stronger security standards in the interest of a safer Internet for all.