We protect your business’s data

Security of data comes first in everything we do. Security features are built into all of our products, services and infrastructure to keep data protected at every layer. We invest in teams and technology to continually improve that security, protecting not only our operations, but your business as well. And because we believe that building a safer Internet is better for everyone, we share those security innovations with the world.

We do not give governments 'backdoor' access to your data

We respect the privacy of the data you store with Google. That is why we never give any government entity, US or otherwise, 'backdoor' access to your data or to our servers storing your data. When we receive requests for data from law enforcement agencies, our legal team rejects requests that are invalid and pushes back when requests are overly broad. And we work hard to inform businesses about these requests as soon as we can, barring emergency circumstances or where we are prohibited by the legal nature of the request. We are open about these data requests in our Transparency Report.

We help make the Internet safer for everyone

We have a long history of developing Internet security technology that benefits our own users and the online world as a whole. So when we create technology to keep our services safer, we find opportunities to share it for everyone’s benefit.

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  • Safe Browsing

    We share our Safe Browsing technology to alert website owners when their sites have security flaws, and offer tools to help fix the problem quickly. Today, Safe Browsing protects about half the world’s online population, identifying issues more than 50 million times a week.

  • Security innovation

    We proactively work to solve security problems in new ways and often publish security research to benefit the entire online community. For example, we developed Beyond Corp, which offers a new model for secure remote access to your corporate information. We have also helped set standards around stronger authentication by developing security keys with the FIDO Alliance.

  • Vulnerability research

    We conduct research to identify industry-wide vulnerabilities, alert the community and where possible, provide solutions. We run Project Zero, a team of Internet security experts dedicated to addressing vulnerabilities in critical software that supports the Internet. And our Vulnerability Rewards Program encourages external researchers to find and notify us of bugs in our code.

  • Project Shield

    Project Shield helps protect the free expression of news, human rights organisations and election-monitoring sites by blocking DDoS attacks that attempt to take them offline. Built on Google’s infrastructure, Project Shield uses a multilayer defence system: we collect traffic metadata, cached content and website configuration data to filter out harmful traffic that attempts to overwhelm a site. We hold on to this data for as long as you have an account with Project Shield, and you can delete your Project Shield account at any time. We also collect weblogs for sites proxying through Shield to improve defences for all. Project Shield is certified under Privacy Shield.