We help you get more out of your business’s data

We offer training to help you understand your data and how to manage it, as well as provide analytical tools powered by Google data and models at no charge to you. We also share our own research and resources to bring you insights and highlight trends that could help you generate new ideas.

Training and research

We offer freely available training and research for your benefit. For example:

Analytical tools

We have created several freely available tools to help you get more value from your business’s data – everything from insights around your own audience and performance to more meta-level industry trends. You can take advantage of these tools anytime, as we believe in open-sourcing opportunity for everyone.

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  • Google Open Source

    Free and open-source software has been part of Google’s technical and organisational foundation since the beginning. Opensource.google.com summarises all of our initiatives, with information on how we use, release and support open source.

  • TensorFlow

    Your business can take advantage of this open-source machine learning tool to extract value from and improve the quality of your data without sharing anything in return. This is the same tool we have used to improve dozens of Google services, from Google Translate to speech recognition.

  • Google Analytics

    You can implement this tool to help you understand your business’s web or app traffic data, including aggregated demographic and device data, and benchmark reports based on your business’s peers.

  • Google Trends

    We offer this publicly available tool to help businesses analyse Google’s aggregated Search history and spot trends – it is used to predict everything from flu outbreaks to election results.

  • Facets

    Facets is an open source visualisation tool for Machine Learning training data.

  • Teachable Machine

    Teachable Machine is a simple experiment that lets you teach a machine using your camera. This lives in your browser and does not require coding.

Opening up our data for your benefit

From APIs to public data sets, you can use our data to discover new insights or improve security for your business.

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  • Maps API

    Your business can embed a Google Map into its app or website with aerial and satellite imagery, directions and local business information.

  • Earth Engine

    Earth Engine is a multi-petabyte catalogue of satellite imagery and geospatial data sets combined with planetary-scale analysis capabilities. Earth Engine is available for scientists, researchers and developers to detect changes, map trends and quantify differences on the Earth’s surface.

  • BigQuery public data sets

    Google pays for the storage of these data sets (including, for example, GitHub) and provides you with public access through BigQuery.

  • Google Research data sets

    Google regularly publishes data sets for research use on our Research Blog.

  • Video Database

    For the benefit of machine learning research, we have opened up a large-scale labelled video data set that consists of millions of YouTube video IDs and associated labels.

  • Safe Browsing URL Database

    Our Safe Browsing technology provides an API service that lets applications check URLs against Google’s constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources. Examples of unsafe web resources are social engineering sites (phishing and deceptive sites) and sites that host malware or unwanted software, all of which pose threats to security and privacy.

  • AVA

    AVA is a publicly available video dataset that recognizes and labels multiple human actions, essential to personal video search and discovery, sports analysis, and gesture interfaces.