A woman smiles at something on her phone screen

Every day, data makes our services work better for you.

That’s why it’s important that we keep it private and safe – and put you in control.

Data notifies a woman with an umbrella that it will rain

Data gives you answers to your questions — just when you need them.

Man on bike uses data to communicate in another language

It helps you find the right words to say, in any language.

Google Maps shows a man the best way to his destination

And gets you from A to B…to C, right on time.

Man listens and dances to songs on headphones

It helps you discover that video that makes you laugh out loud — or your new favorite song.

Woman taking photo of a child and dog on a sofa

And helps find everyone you care about in every photo you take.

Google Privacy, Security, and Control shields

It’s personal. That’s why we protect your data.